35 South Showdown Contest Rules

Purpose: The contest aims to find a local/regional artist to open for The Great Divide at the 35 South anniversary at Temple Live on September 30th.

Submissions: Artists interested in participating in the contest must send their submissions to eschlesener@murfinmedia.com. The submission period begins on July 17th and ends on August 3rd.

Submission Requirements: The submission should include relevant information about the artist, such as a brief biography, contact details, and any links to the artist’s music or performances. It is recommended to provide high-quality recordings or videos showcasing the artist’s talent.

Selection Process: After the submission period ends, a selection committee of representatives from the radio station and event organizers will review the entries and choose a set of finalists. The selection will be based on the artistic quality, originality, and suitability of the artist for the event. You will be notified by August 7th if you have been selected as a finalist.

Finalist Voting: Once the finalists have been chosen, the voting period will begin on August 9th and continue until August 23rd. Listeners will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite artist through a link provided by 35 South

Winner Announcement: After the voting period ends, the votes will be tallied, and the artist with the highest number of valid votes will be declared the winner. The announcement will be made on-air and through the radio station’s social media platforms.

Prize: The winner of the contest will receive the following:

a. The opportunity to be the opening act for The Great Divide at the 35 South anniversary party.

b. A payment of $300 for their performance.

c. An interview on-air to promote their music and upcoming performance.

d. Dinner and accommodations for the night of the concert.

Eligibility: The contest is open to local/regional artists (in Kansas) who meet the submission requirements. Participants must be of legal age (18 or older) or have the consent of a legal guardian if under 18.

Disqualification: Any artist found to be engaged in fraudulent activities, attempting to manipulate votes, or violating the rules of the contest may be disqualified at the discretion of the organizers.

Legal Considerations: Participants should be aware that they are responsible for any legal and copyright clearances required for their music or performances. By entering the contest, artist grant permission to the radio station and event organizers to use their name, likeness, and submitted materials for promotional purposes.

Modifications: The radio station and event organizers reserve the right to modify or amend the contest rules at any time, with appropriate notice given to participants