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The mission of My Town Media is to serve its communities by creating the largest audience possible through broadcast and digital marketing.

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“I set up an account with KISS 103.1 last July prior to opening my new 5.1 million dollar Express Wash. Keri with KISS 103.1 created great ads for when my business opened and adjusted ads as business evolved. I would highly recommend KISS 103.1 for your business advertising.”
Danny Giefer, Owner of Mr. G’s Car Washes, Emporia

“I like the way they provide different options on their multiple radio stations. The area reach has proved beneficial. Overall, very pleased and highly recommend.”
Toby, Sam and Louie’s

“I like the fact that the radio advertising has a broad audience. The people working with us have made it fun and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my customers.”
Brian, O’Shaughnessy Liquor Store

“Super friendly, super helpful and I like the different options with radio and Social Media to promote my business. We appreciate that they sincerely care, and I like Deb.”
Shana, Faith & Farm Designs

“I like the different suggestions they provide that fits the different seasons with my business.”
Hubba, Owner, Old Rums Liquor

“KSNP/KINZ is always very responsive and helpful. They also keep me in the loop on the latest updates and offerings.”
Charity, Kazoo Marketing