Billboard Advertising

My Town Media has access to many billboards across the state of Kansas. Billboard advertising offers the ability to deliver high impact messages in heavy traffic areas. Our digital billboards offer the flexibility to change your advertisements quickly as promotions or specials change with little to no production costs. For available billboard locations please contact your local Marketing Consultant or message us through our Contact Us Page.

Get out and see some billboards...

Haysville, Kansas
Located 9 miles north of the Kansas Star Casino on HWY 81 with 360 impressions per day and 6 million vehicles annually passing by.

Joplin, Missouri
Located in the Walgreen's Pharmacy parking lot on the southeast side of 20th & Main Street

Pittsburg, Kansas
Located at the southeast end of Schlanger Park near 4th & Joplin, located between downtown Pittsburg and Pittsburg State University and Pittsburg High School