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5 Covert Ways to Go From Salesperson to Consultant

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After over a decade in sales positions, I’ve worked very hard to NOT be exactly what my job title had been… a salesperson.   

Sales have developed somewhat of a bad rap. We could blame it on the car salesman, lurking inside of the mega dealerships, watching, waiting for you to get out of your car. We could also place blame on the door-to-door salesman. You know the one that knocks on your door while you’ve got 3 kids inside screaming with Baby Shark playing at an uncomfortable level, the dog is barking, and you may or may not have showered for the day. They read off their script to you like that moment is a good time to go over the new windows that we may or may not need. Don’t be this person!!! Everyone has experienced a bad salesperson, so how do you go from being a bad salesperson to a consultant? I’m going to tell you.  

Be Yourself 

It’s likely that if you’re in a sales position, you’re good with people. Use that to your advantage. A client will know if you’re fake or inauthentic. It radiates off the salespeople that are trying to be something that they aren’t. Find common ground and don’t be afraid to veer off topic.  

Be Honest

Don’t lie, plain and simple. Selling objectively and giving honest advice will create a forever client. People buy from people they trust, plain and simple. 

Sell With Integrity

I’ve never been able to sell something that I didn’t believe in.  Selling with integrity means doing what’s best for the client, not the company or the salesperson.  

Become an Expert at Reading Social Q’s

As mentioned earlier, if you come to my home asking to give me a quote on new windows while all out chaos is happening behind me, you can guess my answer will be no, whether I want new windows or not.  Be considerate of your client’s time and situation, your considerate actions will speak volumes to the person you’re working with.  

Be an Expert in The Field

Know the ins and outs of what you’re selling. This will make you a resource to the client as opposed to a bother. Once you become a resource, you are no longer a salesperson. At that point, you become a consultant.  


All these actions will transform you in the eyes of your client. First from the salesperson, then to a human, then finally to a consultant. 

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.  Be that person for them.  

-Keri Paul  

Former Salesperson 

Current Marketing Consultant 


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