the wrong way to do radio

The Wrong Way to Do Radio

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I cold call business owners every day, and the ones that already advertise on broadcast radio tell me the same thing every time: “I’m doing radio with (insert radio station) and they are giving me a heck of a deal. I get 20 commercials per week on FIVE different radio stations!” Let me tell you, they are really excited about …

500 Episodes of 35 South Radio

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In 2012, Colby Ericson produced the first-ever episode of the popular radio show, 35 South Radio. Colby and 35 South have both gone on to win numerous awards, including the 2022 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards’ Specialty Show of the Year this March. Exactly one week ago, Colby produced 35 South’s 500th episode! 35 South Radio is 4 hours of …

Writing Radio Ads

6 Tips for Writing Radio Ads that are Effective

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Radio advertising is an easy way to reach a huge population. After all, 92% of adults listen to AM/FM radio every single week. But writing radio ads that reach your target demographic can be tricky. How can you be sure that your message will be absorbed? The answer lies in content. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in 1996 that “content …

Make Your Radio Advertising Work (Because it Will!)

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Anyone who has ever worked in radio advertising has heard the dreaded phrase: “I tried radio and it didn’t work.” We hate that for you! As radio professionals, we want our services to work for everyone, and we’re here to make sure they do. If you tried radio advertising and it “didn’t work,” we want to work with you until …