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Find Your Target Audience – And Stay There!

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Advertising is critical to any business’ success, and most novice entrepreneurs understand this. But what many of them don’t understand is that it’s not enough to simply advertise your product or message—you have to advertise in the right places. If your target audience is mostly online, then sponsoring posts or paying for ads on Twitter and Facebook can be a fantastic way to get people interested. If your target audience is mostly on-the-go, radio is a great option! And these are just a few examples!

To help ensure that you get your message across as efficiently as possible, be sure you’re advertising where your target demographic spends their time. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the most important rules of any successful marketing plan!

Advertise where your target audience hangs out.

If you want to make your business succeed, it’s critical to advertise where your target audience hangs out.

The key question here is: Who is your target audience?

The answer may be different than what you think. Your customer is not the same as your fan base; nor is it the same as your market or niche. In fact, these terms are often used interchangeably when in fact they are quite different from each other—and this can lead to confusion for new entrepreneurs who don’t know any better.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be visible on every platform. Figure out where your audience is, then dedicate a large percentage of your time and budget to that platform. For one, you’ll guarantee you’re reaching the right people; you’ll also be able to perfect your strategy more easily when you aren’t trying to execute five different strategies at once.

Not sure how to find your target audience? Request a free Marketing Action Plan, and we can help!

Zero in on your audience on each platform.

Several demographics spend their time on each platform – how do you zero in on yours? Dig a little deeper and determine what their interests are!

Let’s look at radio for an example. 90% of adults listen to the radio every single day, but you don’t need to reach all of them. There are hundreds of different radio genres, and even more stations out there. If you’re marketing a family-friendly product, consider airing ads during shows or segments that appeal to parents and children. If you’re trying to reach young adults, look into advertising on stations with programs geared toward that age group.

Look beyond the music or talk shows – what specific programs is your audience listening to? Many stations carry special programming. Several of our music stations carry college and professional sports programs!

Note: Radio is also a great option if you’re trying to reach people who are passionate about music or pop culture: Many stations offer specialty programming about specific genres of music or celebrities and current events in entertainment.

Consider using paid advertisements on your chosen platform(s).

Organic posts or unpaid PSAs are great for honing your voice and stretching your advertising budget, but paid advertisements are vital for extending your reach.

If your target audience primarily uses social media, consider paying for sponsored posts and ads on a platform like Twitter or Facebook. Social media sites are popular with people who want to share their interests with other people.

In short, advertising is about putting your message in front of the right people. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to find out where your target audience hangs out and go from there.