Positive Attitude

The Impact of a Positive Attitude on Sales Outcomes

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Picture a glass with some water in it. Is it half full or half empty?

A positive attitude is the most important factor when selling a product or service to a customer. It can make the difference between earning $50,000 per year and making $100,000 per year.

A good salesperson must have a positive outlook on life, the world, and their future; alternatively, a salesperson with a negative attitude will not make great strides in their career because they cannot see past their own negative thoughts. 

Why is a positive attitude so important?

Your attitude sets the tone for interactions with customers, prospects, and even your colleagues. Wish the people around you had a better attitude? Start internally.

A person with a great attitude has several advantages over someone who does not:

  • They are more likely to be happy at work
  • They have an easier time dealing with challenges and obstacles
  • They are better at interacting with others
  • They are open to new opportunities and to learning, allowing their skills to flourish

A positive sales attitude will provide you with confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to handle objections. Having a positive attitude can help you handle adversity and stress, helping you to become more successful in your sales career. A positive attitude can also help you to exude customer service.

In fact, positivity is so important that there have been several studies done on the subject:

The Association for Talent Development found that “positive people…tend to set higher goals and expend more effort in order to reach their goals. They are also more resilient, which helps them bounce back and persevere despite setbacks.”

Forbes claims that a negative attitude could cost you $3,600 per year!

The Mayo Clinic discovered that positive thinking leads to “better coping skills during hardships and times of stress.” We all know that a career in sales is not short on stress. 

Sure, a positive attitude sounds great in theory. But how do I make it happen?

We recommend three things:

  1. Set realistic goals that make sense for where you’re at. Don’t make it a goal to pitch your product or service the first time you enter a new business (or talk to a new prospect). Make it your goal to simply get the decision maker’s name. Done? Great, you’ve achieved your goal and you can walk away accomplished and happy.
  2. Take the emotion out of your sales calls. How? Stop asking yourself if a cold drop in went well! It doesn’t matter. The most standoffish prospects may turn in to the highest paying clients. The happiest prospects may not even have the power to say yes. Harping on the good vs. bad sales calls will only lead to disappointment and confusion – so just focus on what could happen!
  3. Start and end each day with a thought of gratitude. Today I saw a cute piece of wall décor that says, “gratitude turns what you have into enough.” I don’t think I need to explain more.

A positive attitude can do so much more than bring a smile to your face (though that’s important too!). Embracing positivity can lead to more growth, deeper relationships, and even higher wages! 

Give our tips for cultivating a positive attitude a whirl and watch your personal and professional success soar.