The Mission and Values of My Town Media

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A company’s mission statement provides an ideal vision for the company’s future and directs its growth. Mission statements encourage employees to think about how their actions will impact future business success and positive company culture. Likewise, core values are one piece of creating a repeatable, scalable system. They allow people in your organization to make good decisions on their own by simply applying your values to new challenges that come along. Your core values will remove hindrance and empower individual growth across your organization. Let’s take a deep dive into what the core values and mission statements of My Town Media really mean.

My Town Media’s Mission Statement

The mission of My Town Media is to serve its communities by creating the largest audience possible through broadcast and digital marketing.

But what does that really mean?

My Town Media has been in business since 1968, just over 54 years, and in that time, we have learned a LOT about broadcast and digital marketing.  We work with each of our customers to create customized plans that will be the most effective in helping them achieve their goals. We offer traditional broadcast advertising on our radio stations, as well as the following digital marketing services: website design, social media management, video content creation, Google AdWords, digital billboards, and more. We want to put your business in front of as many people as possible!

My Town Media’s Core Values

Be Bold.

What do we mean by this? To make an impact in today’s world, you must be able to put yourself out there. Creativity is at an all-time high, and being open minded is essential to this, as shared creativity and embracing others’ opinions can lead to the formation of great ideas.

Always Care.

How do we do that? By being eager to help others, practicing attention to detail, being consistent, protecting our brands, and taking ownership of any issues.

Have Integrity.

What does this mean? Building honesty into our everyday routines. Practicing honesty is not always easy, especially in situations where we may be at fault. Living the value of integrity requires holding ourselves accountable, accepting responsibility, and facing the consequences of our actions.

Be Nice.

How do we do that? Treating our co-workers and clients the way we’d like to be treated, with genuine care, kindness, and respect.

Think with Solutions.

Why do we see this as being essential? Solution-based thinking allows us to focus on results and enables us to picture what a situation will look like after we have solved or eliminated the problem. You are most likely to find success when you are looking for it!

Be Teachable.

Why is this important? When professionals look for ways to develop their careers or improve, they often start with skills, certifications, and visible proof that they are valuable in their industry. There is no question that education and training are crucial in career development, but there is a different way to think about improvement that is not an accomplishment. It is an attitude; it is teachability.

Always have Fun.

But…why? Fun is an authentic expression or experience of freedom, joy, and happiness, which can be experienced with others or with oneself. In a shared experience, fun releases or creates a euphoria of a deeper bond between people. Fun lightens burdens and fun also creates memorable experiences. It moves us emotionally, it bonds us relationally, and it really is the bedrock of who we are at My Town Media.


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