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Affordable and Convenient: The Power of Social Media Marketing

Logan GandhiMarketing Strategies

Nowadays, social media has become one of the most important and influential spaces that is not only used for social networking, but also for digitally advertising your brand and products.

Social media has unmatched power when it comes to reaching a large audience within a short period of time. It helps in reducing costs and increasing reach through social media advertisements. Over 59% of the population is online every day, so a brand should not miss out on any chance to market on social platforms.

Social media marketing allows you to…

Grow an Audience with a Small (or No) Budget

Social media marketing is one of the least expensive ways of marketing your business on digital platforms. With a variety of advertising tools available on social platforms, brands should use this opportunity for marketing their products in a cost-effective manner. Social media marketing is easier as compared to other digital marketing platforms and delivers good results, too.

The key to growing your business using social media is to be consistent, interesting, and relatable to the audience. Once your social media marketing is strategized and working effectively, this will help you increase traffic on your social profiles, which can in turn be redirected to your website.

These platforms also offer a number of metrics for a brand to understand their audience and the brand’s growth on the platform for an in-depth analysis. One can do wonders on social media even with a small budget: it’s all about building a connection with your audience.

Learn About Your Competitors

Because social media platforms are generally available to the public, there is an opportunity for a brand to learn about its competitors and understand their strategies for attracting audiences to their business.

On social media, you can see the content your competitors are posting and judge which type of post is doing the best and why, what type of audience they are targeting, and more. An in-depth analysis will help you understand the audience and build your marketing strategy accordingly. Plus, you can avoid any mistakes your competitors are doing, and ultimately perform better than them.

Increase Brand Awareness and Create a Brand Identity

In order for a business to gain a massive customer base, it’s important that brand awareness be created first, so all potential customers are aware of the brand and its products and services.

This can only be achieved by creating visually appealing and creative content which catches the attention of potential customers. Social media also provides the opportunity for constant reminders about the existence of your brand and your brand’s position in the digital market (remember when we covered consistency in your radio ad schedules? It’s important in social media too!).

A well-planned social media campaign will make sure that your brand name stays top-of-mind, so that when a potential customer’s need arises, yours will be the first business they think of.

Once you make your audience aware of your brand, you will notice your audience engaging with your content more often, thus creating more chances to convert potential customers into buyers. This is because they connect with your brand, are aware of your services, and recognize your products.

Advertise Your Products and Services

Being a member of social media networks helps you create brand awareness and maintain your brand reputation. Social media is also used to market your products and services. It is much easier to promote on social media platforms rather than going with TV or out-of-home advertisements.

For instance, Facebook offers several options to market your business: a brand can run paid ads, be a part of various online communities, showcase its products and their unique selling points, connect to potential customers on Messenger, and more.

Build and Maintain Relationships with Your Target Consumers

Customers buy from people they know, like, and trust. A business that connects to its customers is a business that grows immensely.

Once the customer gets to know you and your business, they start trusting you, your products, and your services more. This is why many businesses use a personal approach toward their customers, which can be easily implemented into a social media campaign.

Communication is a very important aspect of our lives, and it plays an equally important role when it comes to business. Customers prefer brands that interact with them, answer their questions, and help them out. This also helps a business learn more about its audience and develop or modify its social media strategy accordingly.


Social media is a cost-effective and personal approach to reaching your audience, but trends are changing every day. Need help with your strategy? Fill out a free Marketing Action Plan Request, and let’s get started!