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5 Ways to Use Canva Pro to Create Content for Your Business

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There are dozens of apps for designing, editing, and scheduling content. Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, and Easil just to name a few. They are all great for different reasons. Try them out and see which one(s) work best for you! Our team tends to lean toward Canva for several reasons, and we want to give you some insight why!

Here are 5 ways to use Canva Pro to create social media content for your business.


Canva Pro comes with many different templates. They may not have the exact thing you are looking for, but you can almost always find something that is close enough and make it work. Their templates range from movie tickets, to before and after, to Instagram Stories, all the way to official business proposals, and everything in between. You can either find a template to start with and add in your information, OR you can put all your information into the graphic and then go through the templates and choose one. When you use the method of choosing the template afterwards be sure to hit the three dots on the top right corner of the template and select the purple “Apply Style Only” button. This will keep any photos and information you have added, but format it to look like the template. If you do not do this the template will replace all your previous information.

Cohesive Branding

Canva Pro has an incredibly useful feature called the Brand Kit. Here you can upload your brand’s logos, colors, and fonts. If you are a Canva Pro user you can add as many logos, colors, and fonts as you need! It is important to have all the graphics you post on social media be coherent and look good together. Using the brand kit feature on Canva ensures you stick to the same colors and fonts that represent your brand, which will create a cohesive look on your social media account.

Video Editing

Canva is no longer just photos and graphics, they also have limited video editing capabilities! Creating your reels and TikToks (or any other video content) in Canva makes it easy to match your video content branding with your still content by using the branding kit. You can add sounds, trim videos, and create transitions and animations right in the Canva platform, and not have to add any additional elements when transitioning the video to Instagram or TikTok.

Team Collaboration

Canva is basically Google Drive but for graphic design. You can add up to three teammates without raising the price of your Canva Pro subscription. Adding teammates means you can collaborate on anything created in Canva. You can leave comments and suggestions on things or even make the changes yourself. Multiple users can be using and editing a file at the same time. The perfect hack for the new work-from-home life without having to send multiple versions back and forth in emails to make edits.

Post Scheduling

After creating a graphic you are fully happy with, you can hit the “Share” button at the top of your page and you will have a few options with your design. You can either save it, share the link, print, share on social media, or schedule your design. Selecting “Share on Social” will then take you to a page where you can choose which platform you would like to share your content to. The options include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more! Just choose your account. Log in if you haven’t yet, type up your caption, and post! All right from the Canva website or app. Another option you have is to schedule the post. Here you can pick your day and time, your account, and type up your caption, and schedule it. Scheduling the post will ensure that on the day and time you selected, the post will go up without you having to do a thing! Additionally, you can view your scheduled posts in a calendar view on the “Content Planner” tab from the home page.

At just $12.99 billed monthly or $119.99 billed annually (9.99/month), Canva Pro is an incredibly useful website/app for social media content. Compared to other design platforms, Canva comes in at one of the lowest monthly costs out there and offers so much more than other platforms all in one place. Canva also offers multiple free online seminars where you can learn from Canva professionals anything from the bare minimum basics of Canva, all the way up to the most advanced features.

Of course, design is not a one-size-fits-all industry, so we’re not promising that Canva will work for you the way it works for us. But give it a shot, and let us know if our tips were helpful to you!

Or, let us do it for you! Request a free Marketing Action Plan, and perhaps we can take the content creation off your hands.