What is a marketing audit and why do I need one?

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Effective marketing is tricky. Businesses need to reach the correct audiences and be discoverable by consumers that they do not (or cannot) reach. But how do you, as the business owner or marketing director, know you are reaching the right audiences? Or that you are even relaying the correct message? You don’t have time to measure your marketing; you are busy running your business! That is where My Town Media comes in to help: we perform the research for you through one of our coveted marketing audits. A marketing audit provides an in-depth look at your online presence and highlights your marketing strengths and shortcomings.

We begin by analyzing the demand for your products and services by conducting keyword research. During this step, we tell you how many people in a given area are using search engines to look up terms related to what you offer. This information is vital for guiding your marketing efforts, both in territory and message. Let’s be more specific: suppose you own a mechanic shop. In Sedgwick County, consumers search for “car batteries,” an average of 270 times per month. In Reno County, the same search is only performed about ten times per month. This information tells you that while an advertising campaign highlighting car batteries may work well in Sedgwick County, it won’t have the same effect next door. In addition to paid advertisements, this information can be applied to the messaging on your website, your in-store branding, and your social media presence. The keyword research aspect of your marketing audit can be done and redone as often as you’d like, in order to keep you up to date with demand. That’s right – your audit isn’t simply finished upon our first presentation; we build a relationship with you and are committed to your future success.

After we determine the demand for your services, we look at who is competing with you to reach those prospects. As a business owner, you are likely so focused on running your business that you do not have the time to analyze your competitors. However, taking note of what your competitors are up to can give you some important tools. We want you to have those tools, so we take the responsibility off your hands and provide you with an in-depth examination of your competitors. We can tell you where and how they are advertising, what their social media reach looks like, what kind of reviews they have, and how their websites hold up to yours. Through this examination, we can give you tips on what you could be doing better and how you can reach your target audience first. If your competitors are seeing success through their tactics – you could be, too!

So, what happens after we give you all this vital information? We make recommendations customized just for your needs. Examples of what we might recommend include updating your website, hiring a social media manager, sending a monthly newsletter, or building an advertising campaign on a variety of platforms. And to make it simple for you, we can provide all of those services ourselves! At this point in the audit process, a member of our knowledgeable sales staff takes the reins and builds a proposal catered just for you. We do know that every business operates differently and that the right marketing fit is important; with that in mind, you can take our recommendations and ignore them, implement them on your own, or work with us to make them a reality. We care about your success and want what is best for you.

The benefits speak for themselves but let me tell you why a marketing audit from My Town Media is so valuable. Perhaps you think you know everything there is to know about marketing. But do you know what your competitors are doing and how that affects your strategy? We can tell you. Do you face more competition from big box stores or the local mom and pop down the street? We can tell you. You may already pay for advertising on social media, Google, or a radio station – but does your branding match what your clients are looking for? We can tell you that, too! We provide you with the tools to effectively market yourself, with or without our help, for now and in the future. Not to mention, there is no cost to you, so we can perform as many updated audits as you need. Because let’s be real: the market is different than it was six months ago, and it will be different in the next six months. Demand is seasonal. Current customers move away, and new prospects enter the area. Competitors close and competitors open. My Town Media is committed to helping our clients stay relevant, take advantage of the current market, and make more money.

What are you waiting for? Visit mytown-media.com/marketingaudit/[ES1] to request your free marketing audit and get started on building a better brand for your business. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff cannot wait to work with you and help you realize your full potential.