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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Management

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Running the day-to-day operations of your business is a full-time job AND some! Don’t add to your plate by taking on the time-consuming but necessary task of social media management for your business, too!

Why do I even need social media for my business?

I am going to be completely transparent with you here… It is 2022. Social media for your business isn’t optional anymore. Social media helps you engage with your customers and find out what people are saying about your business. You can also use social media for advertising, promotional giveaways, and digital applications.

Social media can help your business to:

  1. Attract customers
  2. Obtain customer feedback
  3. Build customer loyalty
  4. Increase your market reach
  5. Reduce marketing costs
  6. Execute market research
  7. Develop your brand
  8. Increase revenue
  9. Increase traffic to your website
Can’t I just do my business’s social media myself?

If social media is something you are educated and passionate about, then YES, you can absolutely manage your business’s social media on your own. However, if you are struggling with not having enough time in the day, or are uneducated and/or uninterested in social media, we highly recommend looking into outsourcing your social media management needs to us at My Town Media!

Why Should I Hire a Social Media Manager?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3…4!

  1. The social media landscape is ALWAYS changing

My Town Media’s social media management team tracks algorithm changes and new trends on multiple social media platforms and adapts your strategy and the content based on the latest updates.

  1. Engagement in social media is necessary

An employee (or yourself) posting at random on your social media profiles with no plan is more harmful to your brand than not existing on social media at all. It is crucial to engage with your business’s followers. Why? Social media is a two-way conversation and if your followers are responding to what you put into the social media world, they deserve a response back and to know that they are cared about and appreciated by your business!  A social media manager can and should always be monitoring and engaging on your brand’s profiles, and you can count on the My Town Media social media management team for that!

  1. Growing your audience = growing your business

According to a September 2020 study, 51% of respondents stated that their purchasing decisions were influenced by social media, and 29% of individuals were influenced by social media that they would purchase an item the same day of using social media. As your audience grows, the credibility of your brand grows, and not only that, but the trust in your brand grows, too!

  1. Reporting and Tracking

Using My Town Media as your social media manager guarantees that you will get monthly reports showing the ins and outs of what we are doing behind the scenes for you, and the results that our efforts have generated.

Hopefully, you can see now that your business could greatly benefit from using the social media management service from My Town Media! Having a team of people who can contribute to your brand’s strategy and goals will yield a much better result than having an intern or low-level employee posting content at random on behalf of your brand.